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Hygiene. Measured.

What is a green washroom?

Going green is no longer simply about using

recycled products; it is about ensuring that you are

considered to be an ethical business in the eyes

of your clients, customers and employees. Being

‘green’ is about using products that create

a healthy environment and enhance the workplace.

Through considered purchasing and concerted

communication, going green can add significant

value to the workplace experience.

Green products consider all aspects of their

production process including their origin,

manufacture, usage and waste disposal. Green

products consider the energy efficiency of the

manufacturing process, the volume of natural

resources used, the emissions created and the

packaging used to transport them. Being recycled

is simply no longer enough.


and Clean

Look out for the following ‘green’ symbols:

The Nordic Swan Label guarantees:

• Ecologically sustainable forest management

• Resource savings

• Low environmental burden in production

• Low waste generation

• Product quality in line with product safety laws

W.E.I.R. The Wright Environmental Impact

Rating from Evans Vanodine International Plc.

Evans Vanodine have developed their own

unique system for monitoring the impact their

products have on the environment, taking into

account the formulation, manufacture, use and

disposal of a product.

Products within the European Eco-label

show that they are less damaging to the

environment than equivalent brands over their

whole life cycle, because they have met a set of

published environmental criteria agreed by the

EU member states after consultation with the

relevant interests. This criteria includes:

• Air emissions of sulphur and greenhouse gasses

during production

• Water pollution during production

• Emissions of chlorine compounds and organic waste

• Energy consumption during production

• Risk of human health

• Environmental damage or risks relating to the use of

hazardous chemicals

• Use of recycled fibres or virgin fibres from sustainable

managed forests

Eco-label products really are kinder to the environment.

Where products in this catalogue carry the Eco-label

accreditation, the following licences apply:


BayWest: UK/4/002


GOJO: UK/30/003


Ecoflower: UK/20/005

This symbol denotes products that Craftex

classify as having less impact on the